Best Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

Best Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

Picture the ultimate, chic diaper bag with all the PERFECT essentials.

You are the mom prepared for anything.

Plus, you’ve got a gorgeous diaper bag that has landed you a mass amount of compliments.

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been asked to write a post on what to put in the diaper bag. Since then, I have been on a mission to find the ultimate diaper bag with all the perfect essentials and the best organization possible.

After a year +, I finally feel like my diaper bag is ready to dump and share to the world.

Here is my obsessive list just for you! Thank you to the amazing moms who have been waiting for this post for-ever. You know who you are!


Diaper bag essentials - I’ve been on a mission to find the ULTIMATE diaper backpack with all the PERFECT essentials & the BEST organization possible for busy and new moms. Here’s your checklist, all laid out and it won’t break your bank either. #diaperbag #diaperbagessentials #newmoms #SLLBest Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist


HaloVa Diaper Bag
I LOVE this bag!!! Lately I have been leaning more towards the backpack diaper bag. I love how I can swing it over my shoulders and forget about it. With the purse, it kind of felt like I had to lug another thing around (besides a baby! haha). It’s also nice that it’s not so girly when my husband uses it. We have received  a lot of compliments on it!

Check out the pics at the bottom of the page that show more details about the pockets in this bag.



Planet Wise Wet Diaper Tote Bag, Medium
Planet Wise is the best! These little wet diaper totes are the bomb and they come in such cute colors! I have two and wash our cloth diapers every other day. I wish I had three because I use these every day and have to use a plastic grocery bag when these are drying. They keep in smell perfectly, and fit a great amount of diapers (we’ve used them on trips and they hold an entire day’s worth of pocket diapers with all the inserts).



Skip Hop Pronto Signature Portable Changing Mat Station
Those dirty looking changing stations inside bathrooms were questionable enough for me to buy my own changing mat. I absolutely love Skip Hop’s design (there are MANY different colors to choose from!). It’s not too bulky, it is the perfect size, looks like a clutch, has extra compartments that are ergonomic, and I could buy a travel bottle bag that matched (which I primarily used to store breastmilk when I had to pump while traveling).



Disposable: Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diapers Size 0, x2
If you are doing disposable diapers for your newborn, Pampers Swaddlers are the best, so of course you will want a couple of these in your diaper bag! These are the best selling newborn diaper on Amazon and were also the exact diaper they provided for us at the hospital. After three weeks or so of using these, we switched to cloth (shown below).

– OR –

Cloth: Blueberry Capri Newborn Diaper Covers x2 + Workhorse Fitteds x2
If you are going to cloth diaper your newborn, I highly recommend the cover + fitted system (with a liner the first week so the meconium doesn’t stain your diapers). This system is my absolute preference for newborns (Blueberry Capri diaper covers + Workhorse fitteds + liners) because it’s the least expensive and most flexible. I have tried out all the popular diaper cover brands and Blueberry was the best (hands down) when I used fitted diapers (and the cover over them). I never had a leak! ( I used the newborn fitteds and the small fitteds when she grew a little bit, then I switched to prefolds as an insert covers after Mae started eating solids at around 5-6 months.) Check out my cloth diaper 101 post for more details:




Disposable Diapering: WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes x1
Wipes are essential in a diaper bag for SO MANY things. We tried a variety of wipes and I liked these the best. They are great for sensitive little bums and travel well. Amazon highly recommends them and so do I!


Disposable DiaperingA+D Zinc Oxide Cream, 4 Ounce x1
It seems like every mom and pediatrician has their “go-to” miracle brand of diaper cream that they swear by. I would listen to moms with eyes wide, telling me I MUST use X brand. Well, we got a crazy amount of diaper rashes (which is one of the reasons we switched to cloth) and I can tell you only ONE diaper cream that worked every single time. That was A&D. It’s great to have this with you in case your little one starts getting a bit red.

– OR –

Cloth Diapering: Motherlove Diaper Balm for Persistent Diaper Rash x1
When you do cloth diapering, you will need to use a great cloth diaper safe cream. It’s great to have an amazing diaper rash cream with you on the go and Motherlove is the best. All of the rashes we have had have been conquered quickly because of this rash cream. It is super amazing.


Cloth Diapering: Etsy Marleysmonsters x5
These wipes are awesome! I can’t recommend Marleysmonsters any higher. I usually add 5-6 of these in a little clear makeup bag with the diaper cream and spray bottle. We’ve used these for 16 months now and they are holding up super well. They do get a tad rougher when washed a zillion times but even then, they are still fantastic. These are some of my favorite cloth diaper things!


 Cloth DiaperingSpray Bottle x1
We use a small travel sized spray bottle from Target which I can’t find online to show you for the life of me. You can see it in the photography for this post. We usually just carry water in it but you can use essential oils in the water (we did for a little bit) but we had some stubborn rashes and I found that basic just water worked for us.


6. FEEDING ESSENTIALS (formula-fed or breastfed)

Formula-fed or breast-fed: Philips AVENT 4 Ounce x1
These Avent bottles are top notch and I read a ton of positive reviews, so I chose this brand when putting together my registry. They were awesome. We only have four because I exclusively breastfed but when I had a babysitter or Thomas was taking care or her, these were used. I found out later that some people have so many problems with their baby taking a bottle! We never had that problem with Avent, plus I did make sure I introduced a bottle to her right at four weeks old.


Formula-fed or breast-fed: Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers, White
These are my TOP used item. I bought three sets of these for burp cloths. Do not use them for cloth diapers, they are too thin! When I was reading what other people recommended with burp clothes, most said it depended on your baby. But, every baby burps up and will have spit! I literally use them all the time!


Formula-fed: Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Colors May Vary
Because I do not have experience with formula, I made sure to ask several mommies what their absolute must haves were for their diaper bag. Conveniently, I already knew this was an essential item because I have witnessed it in action many times! Moms say that they love these because it’s small, portable, doesn’t spill and works fantastic.


Formula-fed: Earth’s Best Organic Infant Powder Formula with Iron
There are many types of formula to choose from! I had my eye on Earth’s Best if I was going to go to formula and other moms (and babies) love it too. I love how you can choose from dairy, Dairy non DHA, Sensitivity or Soy but every baby and mom has their preference. Just scoop the needed serving size into the small dispenser below and add to your diaper bag.


Breast-fed: Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover (Jordan)
This folds up great in a diaper bag! I received a couple other nursing covers at our shower. They draped over Mae like a cloth and I wasn’t comfortable feeding her in public. I knew to breastfeed in public (for me), I needed to be comfortable and have the ultimate privacy . I found Udder Covers Nursing Cover and once I received it, all my cover problems were solved. It has a rigid neckline that bows so I cold see down and watch Mae privately. The cover also has flaps on each side that go nicely over each shoulder. I LOVE the color. I got compliments all the time with this cover!


6. SNACKING & SIPPY CUPS (5-6 months+)

(6-9 months): Tommee Tippee First Sips Soft Spout Transition Cup, 5 Ounce
This transition cup was absolutely perfect for switching Mae from a bottle to drinking out of a sippy cup. It became her favorite cup. Mostly we used it just for water when it was in her diaper bag.


(about 9 months +): Munchkin Happy Snacker Snack Catcher and Sippy Cup Set, 4 Count
After Mae successfully transitioned to a sippy cup, she was obsessed with straws. These sippy cups became our absolute go-to.  We tried SO MANY other sippy cups and these are just the best, hands down. We also bought these little snack cups which are completely genius. They allow for our little one to reach in and grab snacks with less spilling. I add all kinds of fun things in here for her: Cheerios, animal crackers (snapped in half), yogurt bites, cut up cheese cubes and more. It’s so worth it to just get this set.


Luvable Friends 10-Piece Baby Bibs X1 (more color options)
These cheap baby bibs are the best! I always have one or two in our diaper bag. At our baby shower, everyone drew on these for a fun little game. I love them. We have two packs and even though we received many other kinds, these are my go-to.


(4-6 months+): Earth’s Best Organic Stage 1 Baby Food, My First Veggies Variety Pack
Even though I made baby food the first months, I still bought some to keep in the baby bag just in case. Earth’s Best was our favorite and coincidently it is also Amazon’s choice for baby food. Once Mae got over stage one, keeping up with all the food she was eating was hard so I purchases a little more food so I didn’ t spend so many hours making it. Plus, I LOVED the to-go pouches! I always have a few Plum Organics Stage 2, Organic Baby Food pouches in our baby bag. And don’t forget the spoon; Gerber Graduates Soft-Bite Infant Spoons are our favorite.


(about 6 months+): Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks, Original
I know friends who SWEAR by these for their kids. When Mae first started teething they were great. Make sure you have a bib on though, because they get goopy! Along with Mum-Mums, we have tried many other snacks. We’re pretty picky about snacks because we want them to be somewhat healthy. Our favorite diaper bag snacks have been: Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts and Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs.



Up & Up Hand and Face Wipes
Before our little one was a year old, she maybe got sick once. I even proclaimed aloud, “Most babies get sick 8-12 times within a year! Mae never gets sick!” Fate laughed and Mae is now sick for the sixth time IN A ROW. I told myself I never would be one of “those mom’s” obsessed with anti-bacterial wipe, wide eyed with all things anti-germs. I figured she needed to build up her immune system. But now after a couple doctor visits and a trip to the ER, I always keep a pack of Up & Up Hand and Face Wipes in our diaper bag. If there’s no wipes for the shopping cart, I’ve got it covered. If she grabs something icky, I’ve got it covered. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that a little bacteria prevention is worth saving a trip to a doctor and not seeing her sick.


Kleenex Slim Pack Facial Tissue 10 Count 3-ply (Pack of 12)
The regret of not packing Kleenex in the diaper bag can run deep, especially when there is a bucket load of snot to wipe up. I always keep a pack of these handy and they are a life savor to have on hand.



The best basics a mommy will need besides her wallet, phone & keys!

Breast-feeding: Reusable Nursing Pads
The cutest nursing pads EVER! You get to choose the print. They are the perfect size, stay put and soak up A LOT. My favorite print was the peanut butter and jelly! Haha, so cute. I also bought a little washable bag to go with them. These were a go-to in my diaper bag. I used them always when I was breastfeeding.


Breast-feeding: Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve, 100% Natural Lanolin Nipple Cream
Along with tons of five star reviews, I also am a fan of this Lansinoh cream. I used several different brands because I got way too many samples when pregnant but this one was the best. I purchased this tube and honestly wouldn’t have had to purchase anything else. It’s a lot in one little bottle. In the photography for this post, you can see there is a different brand pictured. They are mini tubes I received from the hospital. Those were so small, they worked great for the diaper bag.


Snack/Health Bar
I always carry around at least one health bar. My absolute favorite is Body Key’s lemon bar though the caramel cookie dough is a close second. Nutrilite is the number one vitamin supplement company in the world and is the only company that has their own certified organic farms and processes everything in the same place. Their health bars are: Non-GMO soy protein isolate, contain 17 vitamins and minerals, gluten free and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer
In my opinion, you might as well buy a zillion of these mini hand sanitizers. Especially when you have a newborn, you may want to hand one of these to everyone! Haha. What you can also do is buy one mini hand sanitizer in the travel section of the store and buy a couple large PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer bottle (you’ll want it on your diaper changing table anyway) and refill it.


Artistry Signature Color Series Sheer Lip Balm
I ADORE Artistry’s makeup collection. I just love how they use vitamins and minerals from certified organic farms and the highest quality ingredients. I carry around the sheer lip balm wherever I go. It gives the perfect amount of shine and moisture. I also love using it before I add on a lipstick so my lips aren’t a desert.


G&H Hand Cream
The formula in G&H Hand Cream contains a blend of orange blossom honey, shea butter, and pumpkin seed oil. This is my absolute favorite hand cream because it smells great and I love how I immediately feel like my skin is softer and more healthy. The packaging has a long list of impressive facts. Here are a few of my favorites: it makes hands feel moisturized for up to 24 hours after a single use, it helps improve and restore skin’s own moisture barrier in as little as 5 days and it’s water-resistant formula protects skin from dryness caused by cold or hot water, leaving hands feeling soft and moisturized, even after hand washing.



Simple Joys by Carter’s Bodysuit
In my experience, you can never go wrong with a spare Carter’s onesie. There are the absolute best! There are so many cute colors and styles. I would advise packing a onesie that you can forget about and not take out (not your absolute favorite one). The reason for this is because you don’t want to keep taking it out because you will probably forget to replace it! Happened to me way to many times. It may lay in your diaper bag until your little one needs the next size up but that’s okay! If it’s a little colder month, pack a long sleeve instead.



NUK Newborn 100% Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier in Assorted Colors
The NUK pacifier brand was highly recommended to me and online I found many who swore by them. After we started using them (4 weeks after birth to avoid nipple confusion), we loved them too! Again, this was one category, I found others having difficulty in as they tried many different brands. I understand every baby is different and in our case, NUK Pacifiers always worked amazing.


Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy
I purchased these rattles when Mae was five months old but could have easily bought them earlier. She was fascinated by them. It wasn’t till later that she learned to shake them and they became her go-to toy. The soft side is great because she likes to chew on it and the other side is fun for her to make noises with (video). It was challenging to wash them because we had an unfortunate toy drop in the bathroom at Target- yuck. I didn’t want water to get on the inside (for fear of mold), so I washed the hard part delicately with hot soapy water and then filled a cup with hot soapy water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent, soaking the soft side for a few hours. It worked great.


I hope this post helped other mommies or to-be mommies out there! What essentials do are must-haves for your diaper bag?

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